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The saddest band in the world


The Course of True Linus Never Did Run Smooth

Released 18 February 2006


Linus (1992-2005) were never happy. They were awkward and insecure, musically and in person, and in the early days, prone to bursting into tears onstage.

Based in London, Linus were influenced by bands such as X, Smog, Gang of Four, Buzzcocks, and The Partridge Family, which made their music difficult to categorise.

Initially contemporaries of Huggy Bear and lumped in with the first wave of the UK Riot Grrl movement, Linus were involved in other projects, such as organising the first two-day PIAO festival, and promoting the successful Bandland club nights (including shows with Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and the Raincoats).

Linus played with artists as diverse as Bikini Kill, Cat Power, Cornershop, Hole, Jad Fair, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Sebadoh, and Sonic Boom.

Linus ended suddenly in 2005, when guitarist Andy Roberts was tragically involved in a fatal hit and run accident.

The Course of True Linus Never Did Run Smooth is their third and final album, a compilation of singles, unreleased tracks, and a BBC Radio one session.

Further details and a full history of the band appears on the Linus website at

A compilation cd of Andy Roberts’ 4-track demos is also available through Mole In the Ground Records.


  1. Love is the law
  2. I'm not your enemy
  3. Way on down
  4. Think I'm over
  5. Don't forget
  6. Did she mention me
  7. I'm from outer space
  8. Days gone forever
  9. Tart #2
  10. Take my hand, Lord Jesus
  11. Happy tincture
  12. Ed's birthday present
  13. Supercool
  14. Big Bucks
  15. Sweetcheeks
  16. Where's Billy Zoom?

Reviews for 'The Course of True Linus...'

The Course of True Linus Never Did Run Smooth collects tracks from the P.E. CD and the utterly fantastic Don't Forget vinyl 12-inch, as well as a Radio One session and unreleased tracks, including the legendary (to Linus fans) Supercool EP, which at least two rock discographies list as an official release.

Highlights include 'Love Is The Law', a perfect encapsulation of that terrifying moment when you fall in love, 'I'm From Outer Space', the ideal accompaniment to a sunny day's shopping in Camden, and the unreleased 'Days Gone Forever', introspective lyrics set to a soaring tune that Teenage Fanclub would be proud of.

Tony Keen
February 21, 2006

Bands with tragic stories always seem more appealing to me. Who wants a set of gurning twats to hold close to your heart after another day of heartbreak when you can have Joy Division. Or Nirvana. Or Linus. Yes, that name stumbling from the mists of time like a small, nervous baby hare. "Where have I heard THAT name?" Well cast yr minds back to the early 90's & a rather tedious scene called Riot Grrrl that only a handful of frowning femmes & Everett True actually think was the nu punk. That's where these sprung from.

A brittle & spirited bunch of scratchy post punkers that ran through britpop Mk 1 only to find themselves in Britpop Mk 2 hell. In 2005 Linus lost guitarist Andy Roberts & so have a wicked sessions & singles CD retrospective out & it's in reverse order going from recent gear to old gems. There's influences going from the Headcoatees to Stereolab throughout. They sounded like a sweetly intriguing band that embodied the spirit of indie DIY so beautifully, no-one, including me, realised they still existed. Buy this, it's great fun.

Also there's a 4 track demo CD of Andy's stuff that makes a fine companion piece.

April 28, 2006

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